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AI is here. Should you integrate it into your marketing?

By February 16, 2021No Comments

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a business tool that is here to stay, and if your competitors aren’t using it now, they will be in the future. It can be challenging to understand where it fits into your business plan, and it can be expensive to implement. 

Most predictions and reports agree that AI will continue to have heavy investments from major industries. 

And while only being used by a small percentage of marketers–it will continue to be integrated into campaigns increasingly as companies figure out how to use the technology to shape their future

But what does that mean for your healthcare, biotechnology, or information technology company’s marketing?

Should your company care about AI’s potential role in your marketing? 

It’s only within the last few years that research companies developed AI software to have the ability to make an impact on marketing content. It can now create human-like copy. It will continue to improve as publicly-available APIs receive further refinement.

Most of our clients operate in healthcare and biotechnology. It’s projected that there could soon be more than $45B in new market opportunities created around AI in those industries.

We also work with IT clients. CompTIA, a leading IT professional association, has named AI as number one on its 2020 list of the top ten emerging technologies poised to impact the market.

Should you adopt some AI in your marketing? Get started intelligently

AI modules in marketing automation systems use machine learning to help with marketing tasks for targeting potential customers. 

These can be a lot more expensive than the modules you currently have. 

A word of caution from the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, “Don’t buy into huge deployments and expensive AI and machine learning projects.”

Before you spend money, educate yourself. Learn what AI marketing tools can do and develop a plan to integrate them into your process slowly.

The big marketing and data automation players think it’s here to stay

When you are ready, there are robust solutions you can explore:

And if you’re looking for a more affordable AI marketing alternative for exploration and experimentation, consider an open-source and lower-cost solution, like Atlas AI.

Don’t laugh at open-source AI. Big tech companies are quietly collaborating on it and sharing their source code. They must believe that open-source AI will play a role in the future of big data profitability.

Ready to dip your toe into AI waters?

Are you looking for recommendations for AI marketing software that you can use in your marketing tech stack? 

Do you need help figuring out how to use AI modules in your marketing automation to customers within the healthcare, biotechnology, and information technology industries?

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