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Crafting standout PR pitches: your path to media success

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In the world of public relations, pitching is an art form. With countless emails flooding journalists’ inboxes daily, it’s critical to know how to write a PR pitch that captures attention and stands out from the crowd. A well-crafted pitch can be the key to securing media coverage for your clients or organization.

Let’s dive into some effective strategies and examples that will make your PR pitches shine, across industries:

Understand Your Audience

Before crafting your pitch, thoroughly research the journalist or media outlet you’re targeting. This includes understanding their past articles and interests. Tailoring your message to align with their focus areas shows that you’re informed and increases the likelihood of engaging their interest.


Subject: Revolutionizing Patient Care: A New Frontier in Telehealth

Highlight the Unique Angle or Story

Journalists are constantly seeking new and compelling stories. When deciding how to write a PR pitch, try emphasizing a unique angle or narrative, whether it’s a novel medical breakthrough, a transformative health IT solution, or a trend-shaping biomedical research.


Subject: Breaking Barriers in Biomedical Research: A Novel Cancer Treatment

Hook them with an engaging opening

Given the volume of pitches journalists receive, an engaging and captivating opening is crucial. Your introduction should be succinct, intriguing, and relevant to the subject matter the reporter covers.


Subject: The Next Leap in Health IT: Revolutionizing Electronic Health Records

Personalize and build a connection

Building a personal connection with the journalist can significantly enhance the chance of your pitch being successful. Finding common ground or shared interests in the healthcare or biomedical field is important when determining how to write a PR pitch.


Subject: Charting New Paths in Mental Health Innovations

Keep it concise and easy to digest

Journalists are typically pressed for time, so ensure your pitch is concise, clear, and free of unnecessary jargon. Provide enough detail to spark interest but leave space for further exploration or follow-up.


Subject: Pioneering Change in Healthcare Accessibility

Master the art form of the PR pitch

In the competitive world of healthcare, health IT and biomedical science media, knowing how to write a PR pitch that is well-researched, uniquely angled, clear, and personalized is key to success. The art of pitching in these fields involves telling compelling stories that resonate with both the journalist and their specialized audience. Simply put – if the pitch doesn’t excite you, it’s unlikely to engage anyone else.

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