Clarity Quest Donates to Hurricane Harvey Relief in Texas

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Clarity Quest Donates to Hurricane Harvey Relief in TexasI never took Senator Ted Cruz’s advice – before today.  He urged corporations to help with Texas relief efforts (in part because he voted against a Hurricane Sandy relief bill).  While I believe the Federal Government should help out in disasters of this size, it’s also important during these time to be generous corporate citizens.

Having lived through Hurricane Sandy and a 7-day power outage, I know a bit of what these folks are going through but I didn’t have to deal with 6-feet of water in my house.

Clarity Quest today made a donation to All Hands.  This nonprofit has staff on the ground in Texas and is in contact with emergency management officials about assisting in the response and recovery. It has a 4-star rating on Charity Navigator.

Interested in Helping with Hurricane Relief?

For a great list of charities to which you can donate visit Vox’s helpful article.
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