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Email Marketing: Desktop Vs. Mobile

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Are your marketing emails optimized for viewing on mobile devices?

Mobile technology research revealed Americans spend an average of 4.7 hours a day on their smartphones. The majority of Americans even sleep with their phones by their sides! With this growing attachment to devices, mobile marketing is becoming increasingly more essential for companies aiming to connect with American consumers.

Americans spend an average of 4.7 hours a day on their smartphones. Click To Tweet

Email Interaction on Mobile Devices is Growing

Mobile click-to-open rates increased by 30% from 2013-2015. The number of emails viewed on mobile devices will continue to grow in upcoming years. Marketers must focus on optimizing mobile in order to stay competitive.

Desktop Remains Important for Large Purchases

Although overall mobile use is on the rise, many consumers still prefer to use desktop computers for large purchases. This is evident as the average order size on desktop computers is $32.90 greater than the average order size on mobile devices.

The average order size on desktop computers is $32.90 greater than on #mobile devices. Click To Tweet

Two Strategies for Increasing Email Click-Through Rates

By creating more personalized emails, marketers can increase click-through rates on both mobile devices and desktop computers. To personalize emails, use the customer’s name or reference their general location. Personalized emails should also feature images that will match or appeal to the target audience.

In addition, marketers should use responsive design in their emails to create a better user experience. Responsive emails adapt to fit the viewer’s screen, which causes images and text to appear larger and more clearly on devices of all sizes.

View our infographic below to learn more about the differences between desktop and mobile email marketing:

Email Marketing: Desktop Vs. Mobile

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