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How Stryve Biltong used good marketing practices to win me over

By January 6, 2022No Comments

I respect people who have decided not to eat meat, but I am not one of those people. I love fruits, vegetables, and MEAT! So when I discovered a brand that promotes quality meat products with great marketing, I was sold.

So how exactly did Stryve Biltong get my attention and get me hooked on their product? Let me explain.

Targeted Ads (Demographics)

It started with some simple ads on Facebook. 

I usually don’t even pay attention to ads on social media. They must have done some excellent research for their target audience on Facebook because, unlike the other random ads I see, I stopped and paid attention.

Instead of scrolling through, I decided to stop and see what they had to say because the attention-grabbing imagery caught my eye.

So, being a person who loves to eat cured meats, I clicked on their ad and went through to their landing page to learn more about what they were offering.

Messaging Around Health and Tradition

I was surprised. The ad’s landing page messaging spoke to the important considerations I make around healthy snacking. I love beef jerky, but most brands have way too much sugar, sodium, and questionable ingredients.  

When I first started to see Stryve’s ads on Facebook, I was actually in the market for a healthier snack like jerky. Most options you encounter in grocery markets are not a good health choice. 

Well, Stryve made sure to mention on their ad’s landing page that their product has no sugar in it but still tastes great.


  • It’s all-natural
  • It has no nitrates
  • It’s keto-friendly
  • It has no preservatives

I am also a sucker for traditional things.

They included additional messaging to let me know that: biltong is a centuries-old process of preserving meat from South Africa. Their founder is South African and wants American snackers to try real biltong, so they checked that box for me.

Serving Ads in Other Places

I viewed their first ad, clicked on it, saw the messaging on their landing page, and I was very interested. But I ended up deciding not to make a purchase at that moment. 

As I went around the internet and back to Facebook, their ads kept targeting me. They knew that I had shown interest in their products. 

The company served me more ads because they knew that I had clicked on an ad, been to their site, and signed up for their mailing list. I displayed signs of being someone who they could convert into a customer.

Even though I didn’t make a purchase when I first engaged with their ad, their product messaging and imagery were stuck in my head because they were memorable.

Their special offer video ad that they showed me on Facebook finally sealed the deal.

A Conversion and a New Customer

Stryve served me a video ad on Facebook that showed someone slicing the product up for a charcuterie plate. They were running a special for two biltong slabs and the slicer seen in the video ad. I clicked on the link, went to the landing page, and saw the offer.

I clicked out of their landing page on my mobile web browser. Ten minutes later, I went back to their website and saw some fantastic scrolling imagery (slicing up biltong). 

I decided to order what I saw in the video ad.

They got me to convert into a sale using the marketing practices I use on the job every day at Clarity Quest. I am now a happy customer.

The Marketing

Good marketing is a process. You should always do research for your ad campaigns to target the right people for your product or service.

Once you feel comfortable targeting the right people, you need to ensure the messaging speaks to who you want to reach. 

One message might not be suitable for all audiences. You might need multiple versions of the messaging and landing pages to make sure you reach all of your target audiences.

You might not get conversions from your audience right away. You need to know how to target them across the different advertising channels you are utilizing. You’ve got to stay front and center in their minds until they’re ready to buy.

Utilize Good Marketing Practices and Processes to Capture New Customers

Is your biotech, healthcare tech, IT, or investment firm looking to conduct market research, put together an effective marketing plan, or target customers with online advertising?

If you’re looking for a healthcare marketing agency with vast experience in research, planning, and managing campaigns in those industries, let’s talk.

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