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What is newsworthy content in healthcare technology and life sciences

By January 23, 2024January 24th, 2024No Comments

When was the last time you took a moment and visited your favorite news source? If you haven’t had a chance recently, I implore you to visit some of our team’s favorites, including HealthLeaders, FierceHealthcare and Modern Healthcare.

While you’re reading through the stories and imagining your company being featured, analyze how often that outlet posts stories a day, on what topics, and how they talk about the companies they feature. Knowing these things can help you understand what the media is currently covering.

In healthcare software marketing, being at the forefront of media requires understanding what constitutes newsworthy content and what doesn’t.

Generally, a newsworthy story involves one or more of the following characteristics:

Now that we have established what is universally newsworthy let’s take a closer look at what is newsworthy in healthcare and life sciences.

Innovations and research

Top on the list of newsworthy items are breakthroughs in research and technology. This could range from a novel medical device, groundbreaking clinical trial, or significant discovery. Such developments not only have a direct impact on healthcare outcomes but also often signify a step forward in scientific understanding, making them highly newsworthy.

Partnerships and collaborations

The healthcare and life sciences sector is increasingly collaborative. Announcements about partnerships, especially those that combine diverse expertise for a common goal, are newsworthy. These collaborations could be between companies, hospitals, health systems, academic institutions, or between private and public sectors. They demonstrate a commitment to advancing healthcare through shared knowledge and resources.

Regulatory milestones

Gaining regulatory approval for new drugs, devices, or procedures is a significant event. It’s a lengthy and challenging process, and success here indicates a product or service’s readiness for the market, often with considerable implications for patient care. Such milestones warrant press attention.

Technological advancements

In a technology-driven field, advancements that improve diagnosis, treatment, or patient care are always interesting. This includes AI and machine learning applications, telemedicine innovations, or new data management systems. These advancements represent the cutting edge of healthcare and are inherently newsworthy.

Health policy and economic impact

Changes in health policy, whether at a national or international level, can have far-reaching effects on the healthcare technology and life sciences industry. Additionally, the economic impact of new technologies or research – in terms of investment, job creation, or market expansion – makes for compelling news.

Crafting a newsworthy narrative

In health tech and life sciences, crafting a narrative around these aspects is key. It’s not just about announcing a development but contextualizing it in a way that highlights its impact, innovation, and relevance to the broader healthcare landscape. By focusing on these elements, developments gain the attention they deserve in a crowded and competitive news environment.

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