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Leading biomaterials company launches new brand identity and website

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After the merger of Key Biologics and Astarte Biologics, Key Biologics Holdings turned to us to rebrand and remessage the combined entity and launch a new website.  

The brand identity and messaging process

We started with a full-day brainstorm and storytelling session to nail down goals, value propositions, and target personas. We then came up with over 100 names and presented our best options to the client. 

After tallying votes and checking with legal, the team excitedly chose “Cellero” which is a take on the Latin word “Celero” meaning “accelerate/speed” combined with a clever use of the word “cell” in the name, since the company sells characterized immune cells and whole blood cells.  

“Unlocking Cures” was a natural choice from our dozens of tagline options, with a clear tie to Cellero’s mission statement of helping scientists find and develop new treatments and cures, and a clever nod to the former Key Biologics organization name.

To ensure our design team and any internal Cellero employees maintain the integrity of the brand messaging and design in the future, we provided a comprehensive brand messaging and style guide book.

Turning the new brand into an online reality

The Cellero website launch combined some of the trickiest online elements: a legacy e-commerce system, two sales and fulfillment teams merging processes for the first time, and transitioning two domain names into a new one. 

Our integrated team of messaging, design, and development experts updated the custom back-end e-commerce platform, created a modern front-end display, integrated dozens of unique product request forms with Cellero’s marketing automation system, and skillfully executed two domain transitions to the new Cellero website. Cellero website image transparent

Kudos from Cellero

“I just want to express my gratitude for all the work the CQ team put into getting us to launch. We are all very excited about our new brand, and appreciate your team’s leadership and facilitation of brand design and messaging. It is very rewarding to have a unifying brand for our team and our stakeholders to rally around. Thank you!”

Jeffrey D. Allen, President & CEO | Cellero


Read the success story.


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