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Marketing Tool Spotlight: Cookie-Free Ad Targeting

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Tech Trends | Clarity Quest MarketingI recently learned of a new ad serving platform that does not require cookies.  El Toro claims to be the only 100% cookie-free one-to-one IP targeting system available.  IP Targeting takes the direct mail strategy and delivers a message in the form of banner or video ad on a website. Based in Louisville, this fast-growing company works with ad agencies and large enterprise marketing departments.  Campaign pricing is calculated on a CPM basis.  

How Does It Work?  
El Toro creates mapping grids of the entire U.S. and then overlays IP addresses down to the square meter. They look at 38 data feeds 24/7 and are continually updating their data. They don’t match IP addresses to physical addresses unless they have a 95% level of confidence.  

Because most ad bidding systems rely on cookies, the ad search and serve time is around 50ms.  El Toro’s cookie-free bidding requires only 7ms from the time the ad call goes out.

El Toro

Source: El Toro, LLC

B2B Use Cases

While I can come up with 1,000 ways to use this for political campaigns or B2C local targeting, (say for pizza delivery), using this tool for B2B campaigns requires a bit more creativity.  Marty Meyer, CEO at El Toro, offered these successful use cases:

  • Health systems use IP targeting for recruitment efforts. Nursing students attending particular universities or large conferences can be served sign up bonus ads.
  • Trade show location targeting.  El Toro can target the IP addresses of large conference venues.  They even have new technology that serves ads to mobile phones that have location-based services turned on.
  • Health IT companies can serve content-rich ads, such as videos, to medical office buildings with precise targeting.  

There certainly are many more applications for this exciting new system! Let us know your ideas in the comments area below.  

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