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Repurpose and refresh: Keep the content wheel turning

By July 6, 2022No Comments

Creating quality content to engage your audience and create brand awareness is a vital cog in a successful marketing machine.

However, constantly thinking of new, exciting content can be extremely exhausting.

The good news is, you don’t always have to!

Enter: Repurposing content.

Why should I repurpose content?

Repurposing content not only makes your life as a marketer easier but also ensures you get every bit of value from your content creation efforts—definitely a win-win.

Repurposing content helps you expand your reach, maintain a publishing schedule, grow your online presence, and boost your SEO.

It may feel like you’re cheating the system, but rest assured that it’s a common practice amongst content creators.

How do I repurpose content?

In its simplest form, repurposing content means taking a piece of existing content, a blog, a video, a case study, a testimonial, etc., and changing it. I know that sounds broad, but that’s because it is!

Here are a few examples:

  • If you have a lot of very dense blogs that include great information but don’t get read as much because they’re so long, make them into shorter, more digestible pieces of content like a checklist. Pro tip: You can always link back to the longer blogs within the checklist, so if someone reads it and is interested in diving deeper into the specific topic, they can do so!
  • If you have a very successful blog post, make it into a video.
  • If you have a successful video that’s long, chop it up into smaller snippets and/or pull quotes from the video and use them for social media posts.
  • If you have a series of blog posts that discuss different aspects of the same topic, make them into an ebook or whitepaper. You can then gate that content and generate more leads!
  • If you have a webpage that drives a ton of traffic, make it into a blog, checklist, or video.
  • If you have a lot of data about a specific client or project, create a case study.

The opportunities are endless! Get as creative as you want when repurposing content. Deciding what content to repurpose is up to you. You may want to amplify a piece of content that’s performed well, or you may want to give a piece of content that didn’t perform well a second chance.

Another content avenue to go down is taking old content and breathing new life into it, AKA refreshing content.

Repurpose vs. refresh

While it’s technically a way to repurpose content, I like to differentiate refreshing old content.

Refreshing is excellent if you have a high-performing piece of content you want to revisit. However, it may include outdated information. Simply go in, refresh the outdated content, and reuse it!

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Author Rayna Southart

Rayna is a skilled and creative Content Marketing Manager at Clarity Quest. When she's not crafting killer content, you can find her devouring podcasts and good books. To learn more about Rayna's experiences and qualifications, visit our leadership team page.

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