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The great resignation or the great reshuffle?

By July 12, 2022July 13th, 2022No Comments

Ah, the Great Resignation—everyone is talking about it, and many industries are feeling the effects of it.

I recently chatted with MM+M about my thoughts on the phenomenon and how healthcare marketing agencies can avoid churn.

Here’s a snippet:

Clarity Quest CEO Christine Slocumb said navigating the current labor market represents a balancing act for executives, who must weigh concerns over compensation, hybrid or remote work expectations and industry expertise. She doesn’t expect a full return to the in-person office experience, especially now that companies have become comfortable with hiring talent from outside their immediate geographic market.

At the same time, Slocumb disputed the use of the term “Great Resignation,” instead positing that the labor market has been reshuffled based on what employees are seeking from their jobs. She noted that the pandemic prompted many workers to reevaluate their professional lives.

“Most people aren’t in it just for the money. They want the culture of being respected, knowing they can grow and support to learn,” she explained. “A big problem that a lot of agencies have is that they want people coming out of the womb knowing healthcare or pharma. Not everyone is going to know that; there’s a small pool of those people.”

Chris Slocumb

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