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They say you never forget your first ViVE …

By April 6, 2023No Comments

From March 26—29, leaders in the world of digital health and technology descended upon Nashville for ViVE 2023. Exhibitions, panel discussions, meet-ups AND The Black Crowes?

Needless to say, my first visit to the conference (which is put together by CHIME and HLTH) was an enlightening and exciting experience.

As someone deeply invested in equal access to care, the NHIT: Advancing Health Equity Together discussion was of particular interest to me. The topics of implicit bias, patient trust, barriers to care, unequal healthcare quality/patient experience, and disparities in R&D were discussed candidly by the panelists, from both the public and private sectors.

With the subject of A.I. permeating the news cycle, the Health Ethics 101: Trustworthy AI and Data Usage discussion felt particularly timely, as did StartUp Health: How Conversational AI and Chatbots are Accelerating Health Moonshots and AI, large language models and the impact of generative AI on Healthcare.

Something that struck me throughout the conference was how open and receptive people were to hearing about organizations at every stage of their journey. I watched as senior executives listened intently to startups competing in the AARP Pitch Competiton. The lack of gatekeeping was refreshing. During networking events, the crowd had little pretense and openly chatted with each other — without any clandestine glances at name tags to decide whether the person was worth speaking to.

Considering that the conference was held in Music City, it delighted me that the organizers put together a Spotify playlist for the conference and assigned theme-appropriate tracks for the programming. Very clever event planning.

For next year’s ViVE, I hope to see more members of the media in attendance. Perhaps it would serve organizers well to include them in planned discussions/panels — while they don’t have the same kind of industry insight that someone on the business end would have, they help set the trends that ultimately drive innovation and commerce.

Looking forward to ViVE 2024!

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