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Healthcare Marketing for Long-Term Care Products & Services

The population of Americans age 65 and older will increase 120% by 2050 to over 88 million, with more than 27 million of those individuals expected to require long-term care services. The average age of residents in assisted living facilities is climbing and the number of residents with heart disease, diabetes, and using walkers and wheelchairs is on the rise.

The aging baby boomer generation brings increased demand for assisted living and long-term care, and healthcare facilities catering to elderly populations will require tools and technology to make elder care more efficient and effective.

Countdown to HIMSS:
A Marketing Survival Guide

Learn what you need to do to prepare for HIMSS.

Technology, hardware, and software are being developed at a rapid pace to prepare for the increase in long-term care demand and keep long-term care on pace with the rest of the healthcare market.

Are you unsure how to take your product to market? Clarity Quest can help. We have expertise marketing a wide range of products and services to long-term care, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities, including:

long-term care marketing agency

Clarity Quest Delivers a Strong Marketing Foundation for Real-Time Analytics Company

RTMS logoOur long-term care marketing agency created new branding, website, and marketing materials to prepare RTMS for a big sales push into the predictive healthcare analytics market.

Check out some of the marketing materials we crafted for RTMS, including a new corporate logo, product logo, website, corporate brochure, and product brochure.

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Clarity Quest has been marketing to healthcare facilities, providers, and C-level executives since 2001. Trust our experienced healthcare marketing agency to launch or grow your long-term care product or service. Schedule a free consultation by calling 877-887-7611 or fill out our online contact form.