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Search Marketing Integration: Incorporating SEO into All Marketing Channels

Search engine optimization is an ever-changing industry. Contrary to the beliefs of many critics, SEO is not dying. SEO is evolving, morphing, changing, and transforming, but certainly is not disappearing. SEOs must now be more creative, use more diverse tactics, and overcome more challenges, but are certainly not becoming obsolete.

Google’s algorithm updates – most recently and most famously Panda and Penguin – have rendered “old” SEO tactics virtually useless and even harmful to businesses. If you’re still using the same SEO tactics you were 5 years ago, your site has likely been penalized or banned by Google or at the very least has slipped far down the SERPs.

The “new” SEO landscape is taking shape in the form of relevant and quality content, active engagement, and social proof. Companies who have been utilizing these best practices are already seeing the benefits. Those who have ignored the signs of change will surely fall behind their competitors.

The best way to ensure your SEO strategy is benefiting your company is to integrate it with other marketing areas, a practice known as search marketing integration. With search marketing integration, every aspect of your marketing, sales, and public relations efforts aligns and works together with SEO to achieve overall marketing success.

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Brian Shilling
Brian is a Branding & Digital Marketing Director with experience leading diverse teams of marketers and designers in strategic marketing, content creation, and crafting comprehensive messaging and positioning platforms for our healthcare and tech clients. To learn more about Brian's experiences and qualifications, visit our Meet Our Executive Team page.

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