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Video Marketing

Tell Your Story with our Video Marketing Services

Nothing beats video in its ease of conveying a message or emotion. Over 70% of B2B marketers claim video performs better than other content for converting leads.

We create videos for technology and healthcare companies that clearly convey your brand message through the buyer’s journey from initial discovery through post-sale.

We create both animation-based and b-roll videos.

Our Video Production Process

Pre-Production Meeting and Brainstorming

We will clarify the business and marketing goals for your video and mandatory content in an initial brainstorm session. This is the point to consider all the elements you want in your video and the message you want to convey.

The Proposal

Once we’ve determined video requirements, we will outline a proposal that will cover the project. The proposal will cover our services, filming locations, necessary equipment, voice-overs and audio. This document gives you an overview of what to expect during each phase of video production and the costs involved.

Once the proposal is accepted, we work with you to script the video.


The script is the master blueprint for your production: if something is in the script, it will be in your final video.

Our writers are available to create compelling scripts even for complex technical or medical products.

We can create a script from your collateral, website, a rough draft or entirely from scratch. Once the script has been completed and approved, it’s onto the pre-production planning.

Pre-Production Plan

This is the step where we determine how to shoot every element in the script and create the video shooting schedule. Arrangements are made (when needed) for talent, costumes, locations, props, special equipment, transportation, etc. to make sure that your shoot is successful and goes smoothly.

Once the script, budget, and shooting arrangements have been finalized, it’s time for Production.

Location Production

Our video production partner team can create a variety of different “looks and feels” in many difficult environments during a shoot.

All onsite production packages include the videographer, production crew, cameras, tripods, lighting, microphones, cables and field monitors.

Talent Management

Through our partners we can help you find the person with the right look, sound, and attitude to deliver your message effectively. We take care of all the details for you, including the auditions, scheduling and coordination of their appearance in your video. Talent is available for on-camera speaking roles, extras, voice-over sessions, still photos and more.

Video Editing

To the shot footage we can add intros, outros, static photos, music and interactive elements. If you want to add, change or delete something anywhere in your video project, our non-linear editing makes those edits possible without sacrificing the quality of your original footage, and without prolonged delays.

Online Video Marketing

In addition to video production and editing, we also can syndicate your video on all of the online channels turning your video into a lead generation and search engine optimization vehicle.