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Successfully Launching A New Product

Once you have perfected your product or service offering, tested and retested the product amongst your target audience, and worked out all the kinks, you are ready to consult an experienced team of outsourced marketing professionals. Once your new product or service is the best it can be, an outsource marketing agency can hit the ground running on your product launch.

Here are 3 of the most important aspects of any new product launch:

1. Tell a story. Storytelling is a great tactic for any marketing campaign, but is especially impactful for new product launches. Developing a story can connect your product with common pain points and generate demand among your target audience. Storytelling can be especially effective when introducing customers to a new or innovative product. Visual communications, video, and graphic design are especially effective in crafting a story for your brand and product.

2. Provide Value. Potential customers want to know how your new product will bring value to them or their business. By developing collateral containing useful information, insights, and statistics about your product, you can answer questions and address your potential customers’ hesitations about adopting your new product. But be cautious when providing data and statistics. Remember that you want to sell customers on the value of your product, not just provide meaningless data points.

3. Engage your audience. Your messaging and communications needs to speak directly to your potential customers. You can engage potential customers by providing salient points and meaningful statistics in your marketing collateral. Proper audience engagement can significantly increase your chances of overcoming resistance when entering the market and stimulating demand for your new product.

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