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The Secret to Decluttering Your Workspace

Too Much ContentWhen it comes to organizing your desk or work bag, it’s easy to let paperwork accumulate over time. As a digital marketing consultant, my workspace can change from day-to-day. Some days I’m at the office, other days I’m attending on-site client meetings, and occasionally I’ll set up at a local coffee shop or library for a change of scenery. With this mobility, it’s super important for me to keep all my work files on hand and accessible.

I recently read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing written by cleaning consultant Marie Kondo. This book helps readers create spaces that support their lifestyles. I’ve found that organizing my workspace (both physical and digital files) on a consistent basis helps me to focus on my work and make progress towards my goals.

5 Steps for Organizing Any Workspace

To refresh your workspace using Marie Kondo’s method, follow these steps:

  1. Place all your work-related possessions in one area and sort them by category.
  2. To begin, pick up your books and magazines one-by-one, keeping only the items that “spark joy.”
  3. Next, sort your paperwork into two categories: papers that you want to save and articles that require an action from you (such as recycling or scanning). Kondo recommends getting rid of most paperwork.
  4. Lastly, sort through any mementos or photos, again keeping only the items that “spark joy.”
  5. Donate, sell, or dispose of any items that don’t fit the criteria.

Tips for Tackling Paper Clutter

When I first tried to organize using this method, I ran into a challenge when I encountered piles of paperwork and old notes from school. Certain contracts, business cards, and receipts may be necessary to reference in the future. I couldn’t just toss them all in the recycling bin.

Kondo addresses this problem by outlining three categories of paperwork that you should keep and store visibly:

  1. Papers that you’re currently using (Like weekly calendars or a planner)
  2. Documents that you need for a limited time (Such as time-sensitive records or contracts)
  3. Papers that you must keep indefinitely (Including birth certificates)

Moving Paperwork with a Digital Twist

Marketing Tool of the WeekWith this method, it’s easy to reduce your paper trail. To further improve this process, I use an app called Scannable to transform my important files into digital formats. With this tool, you can take a photo of any document with your smartphone and Scannable will automatically rotate, crop, and adjust the image, creating a document that is clear and easy to read. You can also use this app to share documents through email/text or export them as PDF and JPG files. I am continuously impressed by the quality of the images and speed of the app.

Try the Marie Kondo method, with a digital twist, to create a workspace that promotes focus and supports your daily productivity!

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