marketing skills

I’m currently apartment hunting. The thought of this effort makes some people groan, but personally, I love it. I love HGTV, looking at décor, and talking about wood floors and high ceilings.

However, apartment hunting isn’t always a walk in the park. I should note that I’m looking with my fiancé, so there’s more than my interests to consider.

As the search goes on, I’ve been thinking how apartment hunting is like developing marketing skills. In apartment searching, I’m trying to find that one stunning place with the right price, location, and amenities to fit both my target personas–myself and my fiancé. Marketers must search for the right combination of value propositions, offering messages, and pricing.

Both must consider the interests of the stakeholders and their audiences. Finding that perfect apartment is exciting, yet challenging, just like becoming a successful marketer.  

Excellence in marketing and apartment hunting requires a plethora of skills. Here’s a quick and dirty of comparison:

These are the skills I see embodied by my coworkers, other successful marketers, and other apartment hunters. It’s not easy to flawlessly execute, but as long as you’re working on them consistently, you’re well on your way to becoming a kick-ass marketer and finding the apartment of your dreams. Like apartment searching, marketing is thrilling, but it’s not a free lunch.

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