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The 411 on Google’s Responsive Search Ads

By August 30, 2018April 5th, 2019No Comments

Google adsAttention Google gurus!

As if the Google Adwords name change to Google Ads wasn’t a big enough shock, Google is still innovating. In case you haven’t heard, sometime in the next “few months” Google will be launching a new type of text ad for select advertisers called a Responsive Search Ad (RSA). It’s definitely a game changer in the PPC world.

Advertisers will be able to designate up to 15 unique headlines and 4 unique description lines per ad group. Google will automatically test and optimize to find the best combinations of headlines and description lines to serve in the search results, depending on what they know about the searcher. Fortunately for all the advertisers out there, that creates numerous combinations.

Google Ads will use machine learning to test the 43,680 variations of your messaging! Click To Tweet

Over time, you will benefit from serving the most relevant messaging and calls to action, which should ultimately lead to better performing campaigns.

Here is how RSAs will compare to current Expanded Text Ads in terms of size on the SERP:

Expanded Text Ads (Current)Responsive Search Ads (New)
2 Headlines
(30 Characters Each)
Up to 3 Headlines
(30 Characters Each)
2 URL Path Fields - Optional
(15 Characters Each)
2 URL Path Fields - Optional
(15 Characters Each)
1 Description
(80 Characters)
Up to 2 Descriptions
(90 Characters Each)

In short, advertisers will benefit from:

  • More flexibility with ads
  • More room for value propositions and calls to action
  • More space for creativity in ads
  • More bang for your buck
  • More personalized ads
  • Automatic testing and optimization

For a deep dive into this new text ad format, check out Google’s guide to Responsive Search Ads.

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