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3 Quick Tips to Get Ready for HIMSS

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With HIMSS 2015 just around the corner, here are three quick tips to help you prepare for the show.

  1. Take a good look at the HIMSS schedule and education sessions. Create a daily agenda to make the most of your time at the show. Planning is great and will help you be efficient, but make sure you leave some time each day for spontaneous meetings.
  1. Schedules fill up fast. If there is a potential customer, partner, or member of the media you want to meet with, get on their schedule now. Setting up meetings and making intros is a lot easier pre-HIMSS than on the show floor.
  1. You may be a small fish in the big HIMSS pond, but you can make a big splash! Even small or first-time exhibitors can be successful at HIMSS. Perfect your pitches and tailor them to the different people you may meet.

Bonus – Take note of things that go well this year, things you’d like to do differently next year, and some of the booths or promotions that catch your attention. We can work those elements into your HIMSS strategy for 2016!

Brian Shilling

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