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6 Personas You’ll Find on HARO and How to Pitch Them

By September 4, 2014No Comments

Search Engine Watch recently featured a great article by Ken McGaffin (@mcgaffin) about the 6 personas that post queries to HARO. If you’re unfamiliar with HARO, short for, it is a popular PR service that connects journalists and writers with relevant sources for their articles and books. HARO is a great resource for researching specific PR opportunities for clients and is something we use everyday.

Other HARO users may find this article amusing, true to their HARO experiences, and maybe a bit humorous. It’s also full of helpful information for first-time or returning HARO users on how to navigate the hundreds of daily HARO queries and craft a pitch with the best chance for success.

Take a few minutes to read the full article and make the most of HARO for your business and clients.

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