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B2B Buyer-Vendor Relationships

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What qualities make a buyer willing to conduct business with a vendor?

Three highly valued traits in business relationships are trust, personal relationships, and responsiveness, according to a recent Marketing Charts report and data from a LinkedIn study of more than 6,000 B2B buyers, marketers, and salespeople employed at mid-sized and enterprise companies.

Strong buyer-vendor relationships have:

  • Trust between the purchaser and vendor
  • Personal relationship between the parties
  • Responsiveness in communication
  • Willingness to participate in a product demo
  • Sellers who are subject matter experts or thought leaders
  • Valuable consultation, education or tools provided by vendors
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the company’s products, services and business model

Weak buyer-vendor relationships have:

  • Lack of responsiveness
  • Disagreement on financial terms
  • Inadequate speed of delivery
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View our infographic below to learn more about the buyer-vendor relationship:

B2B Buyer and Vendor Relationships Infographic

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