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5 Reasons why your B2B company newsletter is more important than ever

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5 Reasons why your B2B company newsletter is more important than ever

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” – Seth Godin

As any great marketer will tell you, talk of widgets isn’t what wins the hearts and minds of loyal long-term customers. 

Reaching out to current and potential clients, customers, and partners in a meaningful way is critical to the long-term success of your business. 

Making a connection with people that goes beyond selling products or services, especially during a global pandemic and economic uncertainty, is what makes a brand memorable. 

One of the easiest ways to make a sincere connection at scale is by sending a monthly email newsletter through your marketing automation platform. 

Why an email newsletter?

Sending a monthly newsletter creates opportunities to interact with and relate to your network. It has a much deeper purpose than a one-off promotional email that is focused on advertising or selling your products and services. 

Here are five ways an email newsletter creates value for your business: 

    1. Relationship-building. Don’t be afraid to invite a two-way conversation and ask questions. A conversation starter in your newsletter could be the seed of your next big deal.
    2. Stay connected. A monthly reminder helps keep your company top of mind. While your network may not need your products and services right now, showing up in their inbox is an easy way to let them know you’ll be there when they do.   
    3. Show off your personality. A newsletter is an ideal platform to let your passion, humor, and values shine. People want to know they’re doing business with real people, not a faceless company just out to make money.
    4. Boost morale. When times are uncertain, a newsletter can be a great morale booster 
    5. Build thought leadership. Whatever industry you’re in, you have ideas about where it is headed. Your newsletter can be a platform to share your thoughts on innovations, trends, and the future. 

Tactical considerations for making your email newsletter a success

While you may have the drive to publish a monthly newsletter, now it’s time to focus on the tactical execution.

To make your monthly email newsletter a success, here are some of the practical considerations: 

    • Content, content, content. Make sure you are sending relevant and engaging information that is meaningful to your network. 
    • Consistency. Create a schedule and stick to it. 
    • Is your marketing list clean and current? Don’t spam people. Don’t suddenly start sending information to people you haven’t emailed in three years. You should email people who have signed up to receive information from your company and make it easy for others to subscribe.  
    • Marketing automation. Ensure your organization is using the tech stack that is right for your strategy.  

What’s in your next email newsletter?

The Clarity Quest monthly newsletter is part of our success story and we’d love to make it part of yours. 

Talk to us about the benefits of building a creative and effective monthly newsletter that will help grow your business. 

Melanie Hilliard

Author Melanie Hilliard

Melanie is an Account Director and Content Lead at Clarity Quest. Nothing makes her heart sing more than fantastic marketing. To learn more about Melanie's experiences and qualifications, visit our leadership team page.

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