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B2B Nuggets: Marketing Generosity, Chronic Care Management & The Next Generation of B2B Marketers

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Check out some of the great marketing and business posts we’ve read this week. Each of these posts contains some great information, so give them a quick read! Feel free to add your favorite post of the week to the comments section below.

Here is what we’ve been reading:

The Other Element of Guerilla Marketing
Seth Godin believes the core element of guerrilla marketing is generosity. He explains, “You don’t market at people, or even to people. We market for them and with them.” Effective marketing begins with believing in the product you are selling.

Chronic Care Management Infographic
This infographic from Smarklink Mobile Systems provides insights on the Medicare chronic care management program. Of the providers currently participating, 84% believe CCM has a positive impact on patient care.

Nurturing The Next Generation Of B2B Marketers With Hands-On Learning
B2B marketers today must possess a unique set of skills including technology, sales, data, and analytics proficiencies. Marketing classrooms must continue incorporating more technology training and hands-on experience to prepare students for the changing B2B marketing field.

Local Ad Spend Forecast, 2015-2020
From 2015-2020, local advertising spending is predicted to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 3.6%, with local display growing at a faster rate than local search. Forecasts also predict local social advertising will continue increasing more quickly than national social advertising.

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