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B2B Nuggets: Processing Feedback, Reading More & Understanding People

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Check out some of the great business posts and videos we’ve found this week. Each of these pieces contains some valuable information, so give them a quick view! Feel free to add your recommendations to the comments section below.

Here is what we’ve been reading and watching:

Processing Feedback
Do you have a system for handling company feedback? In this blog post, Seth Godin explains the importance of sifting through your audience’s comments to find the valuable insights. Not all feedback is worthy of seeking out and not all comments are worth considering. Look for trustworthy feedback that provides you value.

How to Read More
Austin Kleon, a creative artist, and writer, shares his 6 tips for reading more often. Check out Austin’s recommendations for great books and his lessons for improving your personal reading habits.

If You Don’t Understand People, You Don’t Understand Business
In this video, Simon Sinek speaks on the importance of trust, authenticity, and meaning. This video gave our team some good ideas on how to approach tag lines and messaging for our marketing efforts!

4 Keys to Succeeding in a Virtual Work Environment
Jeff Goins shares his tips for succeeding in a virtual work environment. These lessons include knowing your preferred work style, creating a predictable rythmn and over-communicating when in doubt.

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