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B2B Nuggets: Smart Technology, Instagram Highlights, & Pinterest Chatbox

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Check out some of the great business, healthcare, and technology content we’ve found this week. Each of these pieces contains some valuable information, so give them a quick view! If you have an interesting article to share, feel free to add it to the comments section below. This week we researched smart technology trends, Instagram’s new auto-archiving feature, and Pinterest’s newly released messenger bot.

Why Marketers Must Keep Pace With Smart Technology

Connected smart devices are now the norm. With features like facial recognition, augmented reality, and virtual reality growing in popularity, marketers need to leverage these tools. If you are a late adopter of these trends, now is the time to start understanding these devices. Marketers can use smart devices to improve the customer experience. Check out this article for the full scoop.

Instagram Now Lets Brands Feature Stories Highlights on Their Profile Pages

Instagram is stepping up their game again by adding a new feature called Stories Highlights. Users will now be able to present old stories as compilations on their media platforms. This new feature is particularly attractive for brands because it can lead to follower conversion. To get the full “story,” read this article.

Pinterest Rolls Out Chatbot, Native Features for Facebook’s Messenger

Have you ever tried to send a pin via the Facebook Messenger app, and then end up getting frustrated going back and forth between the Pinterest and Facebook apps? Us too. Consumers can now use Pinterest inside Messenger, without all the app jumping. Luckily for users, this isn’t the only capability. To check out all the features of the chatbot, pop over to this article.

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