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Beterra launches new ACT product

By March 29, 2019April 4th, 2019No Comments

Beterra logoWe want to recognize our client, Beterra! They soft-launched their new product, ACT (Actions Creating Transformation), a central platform for clear management of healthcare improvement teams, initiatives, and objectives.

The idea for ACT came about when users of Beterra’s SafeCulture product were seeking a system to track healthcare improvements. SafeCulture consists of comprehensive patient safety culture improvement surveys, analytics, and support services. 

Beterra set out to develop a more integrated approach to improvement, advancing how an entire system could track and report real-time data and ultimately use that data to create goals, hold teams accountable, and see progress.

ACT gives healthcare improvement leaders the ability to:

  • Organize and make sense of teams, data, and initiatives to compile a proactive action plan.
  • Track progress with real-time data to measure the impact of improvement initiatives.  
  • Accelerate the pace of change by leveraging real-time information to enhance rounding efforts, course correct, and make data-informed decisions.
  • Evolve their organization with confidence knowing what leads to healthcare improvement based on real data to chart a course to continued success.

This platform unifies improvement teams and helps healthcare organizations provide the best care possible to their patients. We look forward to working with Beterra more on this new initiative!

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Brian Shilling

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