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Book launch: Unleash your tech success with ‘Stop Starvation Marketing’

By October 17, 2023No Comments

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey through twenty-three power moves that will empower you to build a successful life sciences, biotech, IT, or healthcare software marketing strategy.

In a world driven by innovation, your tech venture deserves marketing that matches its potential. That’s where “Stop Starvation Marketing” comes in.

With over 85% of the sales cycle buying journey completed BEFORE a buyer engages a salesperson, marketing is where deals get made.

With practical tips, real-world success stories—and a dash of humor—this book is an essential read for tech leaders looking to elevate their marketing game.

Fuel your success with actionable strategies

This isn’t just another marketing book; it’s a blueprint for tech marketing excellence.

Whether you’re a seasoned tech entrepreneur or just starting your journey, “Stop Starvation Marketing” offers a wealth of insights that can revolutionize your approach to marketing. In today’s competitive landscape, your company needs marketing strategies that feed your growth, not starve it.

Why “Stop Starvation Marketing” matters

  • Real-world success stories: Discover how tech companies like yours have turned marketing challenges into triumphs. Learn from their experiences and adapt their strategies for your own success.
  • Punchy anecdotes: This book is not a dry how-to manual; it’s a lively narrative filled with stories that make every concept memorable and relatable.
  • Practical tips: Dive into a treasure chest of helpful tips that you can implement immediately. The goal is to provide you with actionable strategies that drive results.

Embrace the journey to marketing success

Are you ready to stop starving your tech success and start fueling it with effective marketing? If you’re serious about achieving remarkable marketing results while enjoying a dose of humor along the way, this book is your ticket to success.

Stop Starvation Marketing is available on Amazon. For a limited time, the Kindle version is available for $0.99 from October 17 to 24. Don’t forget to rate the book and write a review!

Get ready to unleash your tech potential with “Stop Starvation Marketing.” Stay tuned for more insights, and prepare to embark on a journey towards marketing excellence!

Chris Slocumb

Author Chris Slocumb

Chris is the founder of Clarity Quest Marketing and Chief Growth Officer of Supreme Group. To learn more about Chris' experiences and qualifications, visit our leadership team page.

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