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Celebrating innovators during National Health IT Week

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One of the best parts of leading a healthcare tech marketing agency is the variety of innovators I get to speak with every week. Companies, from large to start up, seek to improve the quality of care, and develop new systems and processes that make a difference in all our lives.

In honor of National Health IT Week, I’m profiling our inspiring HIT clients.


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Bringing patient safety to life: Beterra

More than 250,000 U.S. deaths annually are due to medical error, according to a 2016 John Hopkins study. This number would mean medical errors are the cause of 10% of all U.S. deaths and the third leading cause of death in the United States, behind only heart disease and chronic respiratory disease.

Beterra’s SafeCulture platform simplifies the collection, analysis, and use of patient safety data in order to accelerate improvement and improve patient safety culture.



Smarter, simpler medication management: PipelineRx

Telepharmacy has become an indispensable resource. PipelineRx believes every patient and provider should be connected to high-quality pharmacy services. They offer telepharmacy services and patient discharge solutions that improve care and the bottom line for health systems.



MMIT: 100% focused on market access

Pharmaceutical companies, payers, and providers need accurate information about drug pricing and coverage. MMIT provides comprehensive formulary and policy information that helps companies evaluate market access and improve marketing reach.


Specialty care for all: ConferMed

With a mission to equalize specialty care access for all patients, ConferMed builds the technology connections that allow primary care and specialty care clinicians to collaborate for better patient health outcomes. ConferMed is humanizing the healthcare experience by connecting a growing network of over 150 board-certified specialists across all specialty areas to patients in the U.S. and developing countries.



Imagine healthcare connected: DataFirst

DataFirst believes a connected healthcare ecosystem is the key to better patient care and improved outcomes. To improve and speed diagnoses, they give clinicians real-time access to all healthcare data regardless of location or viewing device. Connecting care providers to imaging data at the point of care is a top priority.



Personalizing financial engagement: RevSpring

RevSpring uses what it knows about human behavior to predict payment outcomes so they can improve them. They lead the market in financial communications and payment solutions that inspire action—customers see an 86% increase in self-service payments with a 95% satisfaction rate.

We love doing our part

It’s so fulfilling to help these forward-looking companies with exciting healthcare IT marketing, knowing we’re doing our small part to improve patient outcomes and give hope.

Want to share your HIT success story?

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