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Clarity Quest believes in personal growth and the power of community building. We give each employee an additional day off to pursue a volunteer opportunity of their choice.

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This year, the Sarah Parvin Foundation successfully hosted its 11th annual Par 4 Parvin golf tournament. This foundation was created in 2007 shortly after the passing of Sarah Parvin; ovarian cancer took her life too early at the age of 12. Her family decided to keep her legacy going by raising money for ovarian cancer research. Sarah’s my fiancé’s cousin, so we’re part of the core group of volunteers that plans and runs this golf tournament and keeps Sarah’s spirit alive.

This tournament initially started as a high school senior project. Over time, it has grown to an event with 36 foursomes. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the golfers and non-golfers are welcome to join for the signature lobster dinner in the evening. Among the food and golf, participants can also play in a raffle, corn hole, and other games throughout the course.

par4parvinTo date, the foundation has raised over $450,000 for ovarian cancer research through the Jefferson University Hospital, which we’re very proud of!

This is my second year of volunteering at this event. Being that it’s held on a Friday, college previously kept me from volunteering. For a full day, it’s go go go. I’m talking 6 AM to 10 PM. In the morning, we set up all the tables, chairs, tents, food prep stations, coffee, coolers, raffle and game stations, music, sponsor signs, and registration. We’re ready to go with breakfast and registration by 7:30. Once breakfast is over, we jump into cleaning up and preparing for lunch.

One of my main  responsibilities is to drive around on a golf cart with food and drinks to hold everyone over until they finish their round since there’s not a formal lunch break. Once everyone wraps up, there’s an abundance of appetizers that could easily be the dinner, followed by the actual dinner that is ridiculously decadent. We serve lobster, chicken, corn on the cob, roasted potatoes, and so much more. Once everyone is finished eating and hanging out, we break everything down, store it, clean up, and start talking about the next year.

The family and friends are the ones that make this event so successful. I love being part of such an incredible cause that means so much to the family. I didn’t know Sarah, but I have a sense of who she was because of how the family talks about her. She was positive and inspirational, despite her circumstances. Our dedication of time, work, and donations make a difference for other families like ours. One day, there will be a cure, and we won’t be needed anymore. Until then, we will continue to strive to make a difference.

Below, from left to right, is Alex, a friend, Maddie, my fiancé’s cousin/Sarah’s sister, Carson, a friend, myself, and my fiancé, Gary


How Do You Make a Difference?

Whether you donate your time, funds, or knowledge to an entrepreneur or charity in your backyard or across the globe — you can and will make a difference! To learn more about Clarity Quest’s efforts, see how we give back and check our blog for more updates.

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