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Dedication to marketing pays off for immune cell supplier in $38 million acquisition

By August 17, 2020August 19th, 2020No Comments

Congratulations to Cellero and Charles River

There is big news for one of Clarity Quest’s longtime clients, originally Astarte Biologics, now Cellero. Cellero was recently acquired by Charles River less than two months after the launch of the Cellero brand. The deal aims to enhance Charles River’s supply of critical biomaterials in the high-growth cell therapy market. 

How did Clarity Quest get started with Cellero? 

The Clarity Quest team began working with Astarte Biologics in 2014 on digital marketing campaigns and eventually led them through rebuilding their website, including a custom backend inventory management system, enhanced e-commerce user experience, and more.

The new user-friendly e-commerce website combined with integrated digital marketing campaigns and aggressive product expansions led to significant business growth. Over the course of our exclusive outsource marketing engagement with Astarte, their revenue increased by 5X with no internal marketing or sales.

“With Clarity Quest being the complete outsource marketing agency for Astarte, we are very proud of our efforts and the reflection of our performance on their success,” said Brian Shilling, Clarity Quest Branding and Digital Marketing Director. “It is so fun and inspiring to see a client grow and reach their goals.”

Time for a merge, and a rebrand! 

By 2018, we had been working with Astarte Biologics for four years. That year, Astarte Biologics merged with Key Biologics, a company offering related biomaterials to a similar market. This merger called for a rebrand, and Clarity Quest was well-positioned to step in and execute.

We started with a new brand messaging and positioning framework that played on the synergies of the two companies and set the tone for the eventual public perception of the new brand.

Once the messaging was set, we came up with a new brand name and visual identity, which is where Cellero was born.

We strategically guided Cellero through all facets of launching a new brand, including a new website utilizing our messaging and branding as well as enhanced backend inventory management capabilities. 

Once the Cellero brand launched, it was only a matter of two months before Charles River acquired Cellero! You can learn more about the Cellero brand story here and read the Charles River acquisition announcement here.

Chris Slocumb

Author Chris Slocumb

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