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Checklist: 5 secrets to proofreading blog content

By January 13, 2022No Comments

There’s more to proofing a blog post than checking its grammar.

One of the primary jobs of someone proofing a blog post is to increase the possibility that your target audience will actually read it.

While the internet certainly loves to call people out for typos and grammatical errors, effectively proofreading a blog post is about more than running copy through Grammarly.

Here are five attributes to look for when proofing a blog post:

1. Thought-provoking title. If nobody reads past the title, what are you writing for?

2. SEO key phrases used. Every blog post should be in service to your SEO strategy with a potential goal to secure a featured snippet and cross-links (see #3 below).

3. Cross-links to key pages. Cross-linking your target SEO key phrases to the appropriate pages of your website is one of the most overlooked ways to increase organic search page results rankings.

4. Irresistible call-to-action. Click here just doesn’t cut it anymore ﹣ if it ever did in the first place. Get creative, appeal to what your audience wants, and give them something they actually want to click on.

5. Highly readable format. The truth is: most people – even your loyal readers – are more likely to skim your blog than read it. So, give readers what they want – bullets, lists, and subheads.

Bonus tip: Ask yourself how this information can be displayed visually. The right infographic or checklist just might be the lead magnet of which you’ve been dreaming.

Blog content is a-must

SEO is still the great equalizer and the right healthcare marketing firm will work with you to on a strategy that delivers quality leads.

New and engaging blog content released 4x (or more) per month is essential to any successful SEO strategy. Looking for a content marketing partner to meet your aggressive organic search goals? We can help.

Melanie Hilliard

Author Melanie Hilliard

Melanie is an Account Director and Content Lead at Clarity Quest. Nothing makes her heart sing more than fantastic marketing. To learn more about Melanie's experiences and qualifications, visit our leadership team page.

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