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CQ Cares: Greater Lansing Food Bank

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Clarity Quest believes in personal growth and the power of community building. We give each employee an additional day off to pursue a volunteer opportunity of their choice.

I was recently invited to join a group of volunteers on their monthly trip to the Greater Lansing Food Bank. The distribution center in Lansing, MI relies heavily on corporate and individual volunteers to sort through received shipments and donations, package fresh goods, and prepare items for re-distribution to local food pantries, kitchens, and agencies in surrounding communities.

The Greater Lansing Food Bank serves millions of meals each year to families in seven mid-Michigan counties.

In addition to cleaning and sorting non-perishable goods, we had the opportunity to package fresh produce! Our group bundled over 300 bags of Swiss chard provided by Michigan State University for next-day delivery.

brian at the food bankFood banks around the country have opportunities in warehouses, gardens, and delivery trucks. If you’re interested in volunteering, find a food bank near you.

How Do You Make a Difference?

Whether you donate your time, funds, or knowledge to an entrepreneur or charity in your backyard or across the globe — you can and will make a difference!

To learn more about Clarity Quest’s efforts, see how we give back and check our blog for more updates.

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