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Get ready marketers, Gong is here

By March 22, 2022No Comments

In a matter of a few years, Gong has tripled its customer base and, for the second straight year, G2 has ranked it the #1 Best Software Product.

Pegged as a revenue growth tool, Gong is so much more than a sales product.

With the power to scrutinize phone conversations, emails, and chat interactions with current customers and leads, Gong finds what messages resonated and led to deals and upsells.

What can Gong do for marketers?

This gold mine of data from its 80,000 users presents a wealth of opportunities to fuel your marketing strategy.

However, is your team prepared to utilize this surge of intel?

More marketers are moonlighting as data scientists than ever before—managing and sifting through mounds of data from campaign metrics, interactions, and competitive insights.

With the addition of Gong to the sales and marketing tech stack, data management is now next level.

While the same skills apply, do you know how to manage Gong data to inform your marketing strategy and optimize digital advertising campaigns?

5 ways marketing teams can use Gong

Stop developing digital campaigns and writing messaging based on a hunch or what you think might resonate.

With Gong, you now have actual data to develop the right marketing roadmap, including insight into what led to deals and upsells.

Here are the top 5 ways to use Gong for marketing.

1. Campaign development: Create and update messaging that aligns with what is working and what’s not from prospect conversations. Craft your digital campaigns in confidence to match the customer’s direct needs. Think nurture emails, newsletters, paid ads, chat bot workflows, and more.

2. Voice of the customer: Hear actual feedback from a customer about what captured their attention and the features that were most meaningful to them. You no longer have to guess what was important to customers—you know.

3. Audience targeting: With each interaction monitored and clearly identified by sales, you can build a data set of the titles, roles, and companies to refine or build campaign targeting. Think digital advertising with LinkedIn or programmatic campaigns.

4. Market research: Are your buyer’s interests changing? You can jump into the hearts and minds of your prospects and refine the competitive landscape, update go-to-market research, and more.

5. Timing and touchpoints: How many marketing and sales touches did it take to convert? What content piece(s) sealed the deal? Evaluate your outreach and update campaigns to highlight the success stories, testimonials, and other content most effective in converting customers.

Tell us how you’ve incorporated Gong data into your marketing strategy—we want to know!

Ready to bang the Gong?

Need help finding the needle in the Gong haystack?

Our healthcare marketing agency is here for you. We love data and can help you find that story that’s converting customers.

We’ll even optimize your campaigns while we’re at it. Let’s work together.

Marla Sokolowski

Author Marla Sokolowski

Marla is an experienced marketing, communications, and project management professional who serves as our Senior Director of Marketing Systems. She leads our marketing automation team to craft email marketing campaigns, develop nurture campaigns and integrate CRMs for sales and marketing alignment. To learn more about Marla's experiences and qualifications, visit our leadership team page.

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