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Page 4 Google Still Counts

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In the course of providing search engine optimization for clients, I invariably run into companies that think they will die if they can’t get a particular keyword or keyphrase on page 1 of a natural search on Google. For firms totally reliant on the web for business, this may be true. However, for firms with many lead generation avenues, presence on page 1 is not always a necessity.

It’s true that 60 plus percent of folks do not search past page 1, but that means about 30 percent do!

Here’s a real life example on how being on page 4 worked for our company. When we moved headquarters from Seattle to Ann Arbor, MI last July we knew online marketing was going to be the fastest way to find Michigan clients. So we went to work trying to rank for a popular term “Michigan marketing”. For the first 8 months we were on page 4 (we are now on page 1) However when we were on page 4, Vision Computer Solutions, a local IT company was looking for a marketing firm and found our site. We were the first firm in the search results that targeted technology firms, had a message that spoke to their needs and a site that was visually appealing. Now we have a business development partnership with this firm.

So don’t fret if you are on page 2, 3, 4 or 5 and my all means don’t give up on a keyphrase. Keep plugging away trying to improve your rankings and in the meantime you may get a surprise lead or two.

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