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How to Conduct a Great Media Interview

By August 19, 2007No Comments

Public relations can be a powerful lead generation tool for many small to medium-sized businesses. A key part of PR is conducting efficient yet informative interviews with members of the media. Thanks to Jacquie Taylor the founder of onQ Consulting and the person who heads up Clarity Quest’s Seattle office for putting this list together and letting us share it.

  • If you’re conducting an interview for a private company do not disclose revenue numbers unless there’s a internal agreement to do so and then sync up with CFO before disclosing to media. Don’t break the numbers down even if the interviewer asks – competitors will pick up and usually use against you.

  • If you’re speaking on behalf of a public compan refer only to info that is disclosed in financial statements.

  • Remember, everything said can be used as a quote and reporters have the right to paraphrase.

  • When talking about competition; take high road. Don’t go into comparisons of how you are better – focus on the value you bring to your customers/target market

  • Put together key talking points before you meet with media and stick to it as much as possible.

  • Anticipate key industry issues that the media may bring up and prepare comments ahead of time, if possible.
  • Don’t ask when the story will be published, unless you have an established rapport with the reporter.
  • Return phone calls or emails from the editor or reporter very promptly, as he/she is usually on a tight deadline.
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