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Tales from the Gutter

By June 8, 2007No Comments

Thanks to a huge pine tree and heavy rain, I had to find a gutter cleaning company this week. I usually check online for these types of folks but was watching my daughter with one eye, cooking with the other and just pulled out dare I say, the yellow pages. I called two firms listed under “gutter cleaners”. The first call went to voicemail which just had the guy’s name, not the company name listed in the ad. I hung up. The other had a pleasant, professional message, so I left my number and was called back by the friendly owner in 5 minutes. He said he would be over that evening to give an estimate and where could he leave the paperwork if I was not home. Nice touch for a job that was only going to cost $30.
About 30 minutes later I get a call stating “I someone from this number called, want an estimate for your gutter?” It was freaky. I didn’t want this guy within 10 feet of my house. Guess which firm I chose…
These days image is paramount. Be professional in all you do and go the extra distance with the little touches. To quote Seth Godin’s blog
“Every marketer (or company) has a choice…to make the first interaction the best experience, or the worst.”

Brian Shilling

Author Brian Shilling

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