Hey Siri! Apple Makes Google Its Default Search Engine

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When Apple’s intelligent assistant, Siri, can’t come up with a quick response, it refers users to a page of search engine results. Until recently, that search engine was Bing.

In late September 2017, Google replaced Bing as the default search engine for Siri, the iOS search bar, and Spotlight on Mac.

It’s a deal that reportedly is worth billions, and one that Apple says is meant to enhance user experience and create consistency across its products. Google is already the default search engine for Safari on iOS and Mac.

It’s not all bad news for Bing, though. Interestingly, Apple is retaining Bing to display image results on iOS. Bing also powers various search capabilities for Yahoo, AOL, Amazon, and Twitter, and its share of the search engine market is up to 9% worldwide and 33% in the US.

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