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HITMC18 Contest Winners

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HITMC18 was easily the best one yet. We would know, we’ve been to all five! Last year we had fun monkeying around with our contest, and this year we wanted to help the attendees unmask their true marketing potential. We gave out masquerade masks and explained how to enter the contest: follow @CQmarketing on Twitter, post a photo of you wearing your mask, and use the #HITMC and #HITMCmasks hashtags.

To celebrate NOLA’s 300-year anniversary, we decided to give out two gift cards (because everyone knows two is better than one) for $300 each to Amazon as the prizes.

We appreciate everyone who participated as well as all the creativity that went into the posts. (Feel free to search these hashtags on Twitter!) By Friday afternoon, we had two winners: congratulations again to Jess Clifton and Tori Couch!

HITMC winner

Jess Clifton is a writer and PR manager at Agency Ten22 with 14 years of experience in digital marketing, business intelligence and market research focused exclusively on the healthcare b-to-b space. [She honed her tech and writing skills at Billian’s HealthDATA where she previously worked as a data analyst, SaaS product manager and director of marketing.] Jess is a member of HIMSS, a collaborator, and a fierce supporter of whole-patient care that seeks to align physical, mental and social health determinants.

HITMC winner

Tori Couch serves as Marketing Manager for DAS Health, a health IT and management solutions firm serving independent physicians across the United States. She was recently recognized at the Health IT Marketing and PR Conference as the 2018 Marketing/PR Professional of the Year and as a 2017 Tampa Bay Business Journal Up & Comer, Under 30. Tori is passionate about making a difference for independent practices in her role. She is a graduate of Denison University, dog lover, avid reader, and DIY home improvement nut.

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