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How do I repurpose content?

By August 16, 2022October 21st, 2022No Comments

I previously wrote a blog about how marketers can keep their content wheel continuously turning by repurposing existing content. Then, I thought, instead of merely explaining, why don’t I show you?

First step:  Identify what content you want to repurpose.

What immediately came to mind was a blog I wrote last year about seven tips for interviewing a subject matter expert (SME).

Why this piece of content? Because it gives seven actionable tips. Actionable tips are perfect for creating an infographic.

Next step: Prep content for repurposing.

Because I want to change this somewhat lengthy piece into an infographic, I need to cut down my original blog into very digestible portions of information. Remember, an infographic should be short and easy to read. Too much information on a graphic will leave readers squinting their eyes, and we don’t want that.

So, I included a concise intro sentence and cut down each tip to one to two sentences.

Final step: Create an infographic and use it in new ways!

After cutting down the content, with the help of our graphic design team, I have a brand new infographic!

Check it out:

How can I use this infographic? Well, to start, in this blog!

Then, I can go down a few content avenues. I can:

  • Add the new infographic to my old blog to give it a refresh. I could then reshare the refreshed blog on social channels.
  • Post only the infographic to social media channels.
  • Include the infographic in email communications.

With a little effort, I can squeeze every last bit of value out of this piece of content! That’s what makes content repurposing such an essential part of any content marketer’s job.

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Rayna is a skilled and creative Content Marketing Manager at Clarity Quest. When she's not crafting killer content, you can find her devouring podcasts and good books. To learn more about Rayna's experiences and qualifications, visit our leadership team page.

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