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How to create effective marketing videos on a budget

By April 24, 2023December 20th, 2023No Comments

When it comes to creating B2B marketing videos to showcase your products and services, there is a distinct difference between “low budget” and “low quality.” You can spend tens if not hundreds of thousands on a professional production, but not every health IT, biotech, and life sciences company has the budget for it – especially startups.

Conversely, not all compelling videos have a five-figure price tag.

Let our B2B healthcare marketing agency shed light on what to consider when evaluating video options, how to make a professional-looking low-budget video, and what videos are good for.

Is video the right marketing vehicle for my business?

First, deciding whether video is a sensible marketing option for your business is essential.

Several cost-effective marketing methods, such as LinkedIn Ads, email marketing, and SEO, can yield excellent results throughout the funnel. These methods are also measurable, allowing you to track your ROI more accurately.
If you have some budget left and think video can add value to your marketing strategy, it’s time to explore your options.

Marketing video best practices

When creating B2B marketing videos, it’s crucial to make them as concise as possible while conveying all the vital information. Studies have shown that the attention span of an average person is only about 8 seconds, so it’s important to keep your audience engaged throughout the video. This can be achieved by making the video as entertaining and creative as possible. Try to tell a story your audience can relate to and connect with. Keep the video under 2 minutes to ensure it doesn’t drag on and lose the audience’s attention.

It’s also critical to ensure the video is timeless and can be used for many years. This means avoiding references to current events or trends that may quickly become outdated. You want your video to be relevant and valuable for years to come.

Some of the most significant factors that contribute to the cost of video production are scripting, storyboarding, and custom animations. If you have the ability, consider doing these in-house to save money. This can be a great way to involve your team and keep costs down. Another way to save money is by doing a simple one-take shot, such as a whiteboard session or a screen recording tool if you’re demoing software. This can be an excellent option for businesses that don’t have the resources for full-blown video production.

If you decide to use stock video for B-roll footage, plenty of free options are available such as Pexels. This can be a great way to save money while creating a professional-looking piece.

Finally, if you decide to create a video in-house, investing in quality microphones, lighting, and sound-dampening equipment is essential. A good microphone can ensure your audio is clear and easy to understand, while proper lighting can make your video look more professional and engaging.

To AI or not to AI?

Using AI for B2B healthcare marketing videos offers significant advantages, including cost-effectiveness and time efficiency, which streamline the production process.

AI enables customization and personalization of content for specific audiences, enhancing the relevance and impact of marketing efforts. Additionally, the consistent quality and style maintained by AI across videos is beneficial for brand identity, and its scalability meets increasing demands without additional human resources.

However, there are drawbacks, such as the potential lack of emotional depth and creativity that human producers bring. Ethical concerns regarding data privacy, along with potential limitations in quality and creativity, are also notable. Finally, the reliance on quality data and the need for technical expertise present challenges in implementing AI in this field.

How can video help my business?

If your product or service would benefit from a visual explanation, then B2B marketing videos can be a great way to showcase it. For example, if you have a medical device that requires some explanation, a video can help illustrate how it works in a way that’s easy to understand. Videos are also an excellent addition to your website and social feeds, as they can help increase engagement and attract more visitors. Additionally, they can benefit tradeshow booths, as they can educate and entertain attendees who can’t be immediately attended to by a booth worker.

Creating a high-quality video can be expensive, but there are ways to save money while creating an engaging and effective marketing tool. By considering all the options and focusing on creating a concise, entertaining, and timeless video, you can create a powerful asset for your business that will continue to pay off for years.

And remember: make sure to distinguish low-cost from subpar. Perception is everything; lousy lighting, audio, and content can harm your brand.

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