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Instagram for Healthcare Marketing

By February 8, 2016No Comments

Only a handful of B2B healthcare companies use Instagram really well. Many companies think Instagram and other social platforms are only effective for reaching B2C audiences, but that’s not always the case.

Here is a list of benefits of using Instagram for marketing, along with some tips for improving your outcomes.

1. Relatability

Healthcare marketing requires a certain level of professionalism, but you don’t always have to be serious. Keep it simple, informative and entertaining. Show your followers how your products and services can solve their biggest challenges. Earn their trust and belief by being relatable.

2. Targeted Advertising

Instagram offers three types of advertising: image, video and carousel ads. It also has advanced targeting features so you can choose who your ads are served to. Make use of these features to get in front of your target audience. Studies state that 93% of total Instagram views belong to feeds with attractive images, so be sure to produce high-quality photos to captivate your audience.

3. Trustworthiness

The key for B2B healthcare organizations to fit in on Instagram is to earn the trust of the platform’s users. Think like an Instagram user when creating your photos and videos so you can put out content that’s interesting, beneficial and in line with what users expect to see on Instagram. If you’re not getting the engagement you’d like, spend some time tweaking your strategy and implementing new ideas on a trial and error basis.

4. Recruitment

Of the millions of users on Instagram, it’s very likely your ideal employees are active users. Social media is a great way to attract talent and make your company seem like a great place to work. Tout the advantages of working at your company and be sure to include faces in your photos. Photos with faces attract more likes and comments than photos without faces.

5. Analytics

Measurement is key for any marketing campaign. Luckily there are many applications that track Instagram analytics, including the most used hashtags, best times to post and the latest trends. This is very helpful when experimenting with new techniques and testing strategies.

6. Interactivity

One of the key benefits of Instagram is interaction. Likes, comments, shares and views are obviously a great way to measure the effectiveness of your content. You can also take advantage of Instagram’s interactive nature to keep in touch with customers, answer questions and start conversations. Get to know your customers and target audience to better market and communicate with them on other platforms.

Here is an Instagram infographic with more stats and tips:

Instagram for Business

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