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“It Works for Me”: Daniel Baily, CEO, Beterra

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Daniel BailyEveryone has their own best practices and tools for getting the job done. Some include holding onto their iPhone for dear life or learning how to stay organized even during the chaotic times.

Our recurring segment “It Works for Me” features business professionals sharing their best technology and productivity tips. We highlight one successful client, employee, or company partner each quarter. This gives us an opportunity to celebrate the outstanding individuals in our network.

Next up is Daniel Baily, CEO at Beterra!

Meet Daniel. Daniel co-founded Beterra Health to help healthcare organizations across the globe improve patient safety and quality. Prior to founding Beterra, Daniel led an analytics practice for a healthcare consulting company.

Where do you live?  Senoia, GA

Where do you work? Newnan, GA

What’s your office environment like? Beterra is fortunate to have an awesome office in a reconstruction era cotton mill. It’s an open concept – complete with the popular “industrial feel” and lack of noise dampening! We have a lot of fun working together. Even though we have outfitted the office with the stereotypical foosball table, etc. – we find taking walks to the coffee shop or just around the neighborhood to be our go-to choice for entertainment. A young tech company with an old soul in an old building.

Technology Tips

What technology do you use at work? I use a MacBook Pro with a Thunderbolt display (when is Apple finally going to release an upgraded display!?!). I recently got the iPhone XS. However, I think the most important productivity tools for me are AirPods, a circadian lamp, and a standing desk from Autonomous.

What technology do you use at home? I have the same set-up at home (including the exact same desk). It helps to be able to plug in and be ready to be productive.

On a scale of 1 (never) to 10 (always), how often are you connected to your smartphone? 4 – Over the past year I have slowly been prying away the phone through using Grayscale, monitoring screen time, and trying to leave it in other rooms – especially at night. I’ve been much happier – and my family and friends seem to like making eye contact.

What website/app/tool are you obsessed with at the moment? I love the app “Happy Scale.” It’s a simple weight tracking tool that uses smoothing and incredible data visualizations. At Beterra, we are always looking for ways to display data that enables simple insights and actions. Happy Scale is a great example of this.

Recommendations for Learning & Growth

Can you recommend a favorite book, podcast, or TED Talk? I recently really enjoyed What’s Best Next by Matt Perman. It was a great look at productivity in context of the many roles we have across work, family, and other activities. Life is so short, so having a clear idea of what we are trying to accomplish in all of our roles provides a great foundation for productivity.

What is your favorite organizational tool? Things. It is such an incredible app. Consistently maintaining my projects and tasks in Things is the most important part of my system.

What’s your best time management tip? I create a short document that clearly articulates my role at Beterra and what my major goals are for the quarter and month. I try and review this each morning and reflect on how I can move the ball forward in these key areas. This review keeps me focused and far more willing to drop balls that simply aren’t important.

Just for Fun

What’s the strangest thing in your office? Our coffee set-up is on an antique hotel housekeeping cart. A bit bizarre – but very functional.

Do you have a favorite travel destination? Abu Dhabi is one of my favorite cities. It has such an incredible diversity of cultures, foods, and languages.

To learn more about Beterra, check out their demo!

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