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By February 14, 2022No Comments

Love is in the air! The CQ team is celebrating Valentine’s Day by talking about marketing things we love—tools, newsletters, campaigns, and more. Check out our responses below:

Chris Slocumb, President and Founder
I LOVE the sense of purpose that healthcare and biotechs have. It’s easy to promote them when they are doing such mission-critical work on behalf of humanity!

David Gomez, Account Director
The marketing things I love are:

Search Engine: Duckduckgo. After reading about Google’s questionable tracking system on its search engine, I decided to try Duckduckgo after seeing a billboard in Michigan. I love having the option of not being tracked and I don’t think I am missing out on anything after making the switch.

Time Tracking Tool: Clockify. This time tracking web app is pretty sweet. They have a free account that allows you to track unlimited time. They also have a mobile app that syncs all of your time tracking data across devices. It’s worked pretty well so far and It counts your time to the second. The free version is very useful and other apps charge money to perform the same tasks that Clockify does for free.

Marla Sokolowski, Senior Director of Marketing Systems
I love LinkedIn Ads with big red hearts. With 3x higher lead conversion rates, what’s not to love? It truly makes my lead gen heart sing.

However, I really wish LinkedIn would request the user add a professional email address to their profile. Sales would love marketing more and my budget would be saved from append service fees.

Brian Shilling, Executive Vice President of Client Operations
I love the Moz Top 10 newsletter on all things SEO and digital marketing. Any time I can get my hands on news and tips from people smarter than me – all in one place no less – it’s worth my time to subscribe and read.

Melanie Hilliard, Account Director and Content Lead
One of my favorite hashtag campaigns also happens to have a Valentine’s Day theme tie-in. Guess I’m all in for the love this season!

For policy wonks, health IT nerds, and everyday people fighting for a better healthcare system #HealthPolicyValentines are for you.

#HealthPolicyValentines began in 2012 and it never fails to delight me.

Here are a few faves over the years:

Casey Frushour, Senior Director of Creative Services
I have a love/hate relationship with the Adobe Creative Suite. It’s an amazing powerful toolset for creatives and is the gold standard in the industry… and they KNOW this. They know that we NEED them.

About five years ago, they made you subscribe to their software rather than upgrading whenever a new version came out that had a worthwhile feature. I am not going to go as far as saying this has curbed their need to release amazing new features, but… never mind – I NEED them! 🙂

Rayna Southart, Content Marketing Manager
I love Ann Hadley’s Total Annarchy newsletter. She’s so clever and always gives great writing and marketing tips. I look forward to reading it every time it pops up in my inbox!

We love helping others reach their marketing goals
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Rayna Southart

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