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New eCommerce Website a Success for Immune Cell Supplier

By December 20, 2017April 11th, 2019No Comments

Since we launched a new ecommerce website experience for Astarte Biologics in mid-2017, the company has benefited from many business efficiencies and bottom line improvements. In coordination with our targeted marketing efforts, the immune cell supplier and research services provider has experienced:

  • 54% more online orders
  • 25% decrease in bounce rate
  • Time savings for front-office staff
  • Fewer questions from customers who need help finding information online

How We Did It

eCommerce solutions can be complex, but the right mix of back-end inventory technology expertise, product knowledge, and customer behavior analysis will lead to a successful implementation. Here’s how we did it:

Back-End Database Development: Taking the customer’s experience and the internal team’s needs into consideration, we developed a sophisticated inventory management system that allows Astarte to add, update, and manage products with ease.

Intuitive User Experience: From sitemap conceptualization to wireframe development to design execution, optimal user experience was at the forefront throughout the project. Users need easy, intuitive navigation to get where they need to go.

Content Management: eCommerce websites require tons of content to support the various product listings, product descriptions, and supporting elements. We set up the new website on WordPress for easy-to-use, SEO-friendly content management.

Outsource Marketing: Even the most sophisticated ecommerce website won’t lead to business improvements without a strategic marketing plan. We brought awareness to Astarte’s new brand, website, products, and resources with the right mix of marketing campaigns that drove traffic to the website.

Read the full brand story to learn how we’ve helped Astarte Biologics grow since 2013.

Astarte Bio brand story

Your Customers Are Ready. Are You?

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