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Not a Cliché Blog on Writing

By September 26, 2018April 5th, 2019No Comments

I’ve always felt that writing is a skill that can never be perfected. You can continuously improve and develop. There’s an unlimited amount of writing guides available today, and many are tremendous. One of those fantastic resources is “Everybody Writes” by Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs. This book is overflowing with knowledge.

She writes in a way that is informational, not textbook dull. This is an educational resource with advice you can use immediately in your writing. She makes learning fun and even threw in a few jokes, which I appreciated. Her examples and conversational writing make this an easy and fast read.

Writing Tips to Live By

Below are some parts of the book that resonated with me that I think would be beneficial to other aspiring writers and marketers.

  1. Content is the entire user experience. Utility x inspiration x empathy = quality content
  2. Write for the customer or prospect, not to please your boss or client.
  3. Data supports your words. Three Google Data sources are Google Trends, Google’s Ngram Viewer, and Think with Google.
  4. Have a strong start and finish.
  5. Avoid buzzwords, weak verbs, and clichés.
  6. Characteristics of a compelling story: it’s true, it’s human, it’s original, it serves the customer, and it tells a bigger story that aligns with a long-term business strategy.
  7. Your product/service should show, not tell. It should show how your product or service adds value and meets needs.
  8. Ask yourself, “Would  the reader find this useful to know?”
  9. Content moments are everywhere.
  10. In matters of copyright, seek permission, not forgiveness.

I highly recommend this book to see Ann’s lists of tools, tips, resources, and more. You’ll have to read the book to glean the rest of her writing insight!

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