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Top 5 reasons why your LinkedIn Ads are on hold

By March 10, 2022No Comments

Like any good digital marketer, you start your day logging into LinkedIn Ads Campaign Manager to check on ad performance.

However, instead of optimizing ad creatives or reallocating budget, you see the dreaded red banner declaring your account is currently on hold.

What does a LinkedIn Campaign Manager account on hold mean?

When your LinkedIn Campaign Manager account is flagged as currently on hold, all LinkedIn ads are paused and will no longer generate awareness or those critical marketing leads.

The tricky part is figuring out WHY your LinkedIn Campaign Manager account is on hold so that you can quickly resolve the issue and activate your ads.

Here are the top 5 reasons your LinkedIn Ads account may be on hold:

1. New ads account: The ads account is brand new and doesn’t have a credit card on file. LinkedIn requires a credit card on file to auto-bill ad spend before you can sponsor content or run ads.

2. Billing admin change: If the billing admin changes, LinkedIn will place the account on hold. The new billing admin must update the credit card in the Campaign Manager billing center before advertising can resume.

3. Expired credit card: If the credit card on file has expired, it will need to be updated in the billing center. Cards routinely expire and LinkedIn cannot auto-bill to an expired card.

4. Credit card daily limit: The credit card may have reached its daily or overall spending limit. Each credit card and organization have spending limits. Contact your credit card company or your internal finance department to increase the limit.

5. Mismatched billing address: The billing address in Campaign Manager must match the one on file with your credit card company. Update the address in the billing center to match the credit card’s billing address.

Pro-tip: Only the billing admin for your LinkedIn Ads account can update the credit card information on file. Having super admin access to your LinkedIn Company page is different than being the billing admin.

LinkedIn Ads billing frequency

Besides asking why their LinkedIn Ads are hold, another common question our clients have is how often their credit card will be charged.

Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Billing frequency varies by accrued ad spend.
  • Daily ad spend of ≥ $100 = billed daily.
  • Daily ad spend between $20 and $100 = billed weekly
  • Outstanding charges hit your card on a monthly basis.

The big takeaway—be prepared for your credit card to be billed frequently.

With all that frequent billing, being able to find the receipts is a must.

From the LinkedIn Campaign Manager, click on Account Name Icon > Billing Center > Receipts > Select the date range

When all else fails, if you’re still unable to troubleshoot why your LinkedIn Ads account is on hold, contact LinkedIn Ads support for further assistance.

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Marla Sokolowski

Author Marla Sokolowski

Marla is an experienced marketing, communications, and project management professional who serves as our Senior Director of Marketing Systems. She leads our marketing automation team to craft email marketing campaigns, develop nurture campaigns and integrate CRMs for sales and marketing alignment. To learn more about Marla's experiences and qualifications, visit our leadership team page.

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