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What our clients have taught us

By January 29, 2021February 1st, 2021No Comments

Since 2001 we’ve helped healthcare, life science, and technology businesses demonstrate ROI and realize their goals. We’ve watched our clients go public, get acquired, grow revenues, and pack their pipelines with leads.

During a recent staff meeting, we started a conversation about the many things our clients have taught us about our marketing, our brand, and our agency ethos. 

As we talked, three themes kept coming up, and I thought I would share, hoping to provide some pointers for leaders of start-ups, marketing departments, and the C-suite.

Number one. Trusted relationships.

Success depends on transparent relationships and trust. 

Building trust starts in the sales process. Set clear expectations of what success looks like with your prospective customers. 

Trust and transparency have been the foundation for every successful project we have worked on and why our customers remain loyal. We have clients who have been with us for 20 years because we respect each other’s expertise. 

Number two. Create a market from a need.

There is a market for outsourced marketing. 

Our clients have been demanding outsourced marketing departments since 2001 – before it became a thing. Why? 

Because marketing is (often) the forgotten discipline within healthcare tech companies, we work with some of the smartest people in the country who are innovating life-saving cures, therapies, and devices. Still, they don’t know how to get the word out. Because they don’t have a marketing discipline, the problem often goes like this:

Their message is missing a story; their website is missing SEO; their digital marketing is missing results; their brand is missing the mark (literally and figuratively).

Often marketing is the last position that gets an approved job requisition. These days, more small to mid-market companies seem to want to outsource the whole discipline because so many varied skills are needed for an effective marketing department. 

Number three. Results matter.

Marketing should deliver quantifiable results. 

Delivering hard metrics on project performance should be an expectation when engaging in a relationship with an agency or creating a marketing department. 

It’s a common win-back strategy for us – we have lost clients to other agencies (or have taken their marketing internally). After about 6-12 months, they re-engage because they were not getting results. We have learned our differentiator is to make our clients look like the hero to boards and leadership teams by demonstrating the ROI on marketing spend.

With Clarity Quest, communities are empowered to take a more active role in their health care. Wind farms have on-site medical personnel to keep workers safe, healthy, and on the job, even during a global pandemic. And scientists are unlocking new cures every day.


Chris Slocumb

Author Chris Slocumb

Chris is the founder and president of Clarity Quest Marketing, where she has the best job on the planet leading a talented group of marketers helping healthcare and technology companies grow revenues and visibility. To learn more about Chris' experiences and qualifications, visit our leadership team page.

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