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Marketing Infographics by Clarity Quest

marketing & customer experience trends infographic

Marketing & Customer Experience Trends

Many successful companies are adopting a holistic view of the customer journey. View our infographic for more customer-centric marketing strategies.

Dark Data Trends Infographic

Dark Data Trends

The digital universe is doubling in size every 12 months. Learn why many businesses are beginning to focus on “dark analytics.”

Artificial Intelligence Trends Infographic

Artificial Intelligence Trends

Artificial intelligence spending is forecasted to grow to $37B by 2025. Find out how AI will impact the digital marketing industry.

2017 Health IT Trends

2017 Health IT Trends

The healthcare cloud computing market is predicted to reach $9.48B by 2020. Learn more about upcoming industry trends.

The Growth of Voice Search Infographic

Voice Search Growth

Voice Search is on the rise as virtual assistants become more widely adopted. See how search behavior is evolving.

healthcare tech predictions infographic

Healthcare Tech Predictions

Healthcare analytics is predicted to become a $16.9B industry by 2020. Learn how emerging technologies drive growth.

Display Ad Trends & Predictions

Digital Ad Trends

Spending on digital advertising is set to outpace TV ad spending by 2017. Get more digital advertising trends and predictions here.

Driving Sales with PR

Driving Sales with PR

Public relations is a valued strategy among senior level marketers and has the power to influence all stages of the purchase cycle.

Responsive Email Marketing infographic

Responsive Email Stats

In this mobile-first world, emails utilizing responsive design to best fit the user’s screen size are edging out non-responsive emails.

Email Marketing: Desktop vs Mobile infographic

Desktop vs. Mobile Email

While desktop email marketing remains an excellent source of web traffic and revenue, mobile continues to rise.

B2B Buyer & Vendor Relationships Infographic

B2B Buyers & Vendors

Learn how to strengthen your relationship with B2B buyers and the most effective sales content for different roles.

Content Marketing Growth Infographic

Content Marketing Growth

Content marketing is projected to become a $313B industry by 2019. See how it is changing and expanding.

Gender Differences in Search Infographic

Gender in Search

Men and women have distinct behaviors when it comes to online search. Learn about the gender differences.

infographic thumb

HIMSS16 by the Numbers

Last year’s HIMSS conference drew a record-breaking crowd. How many attendees will flock to Las Vegas for HIMSS16?

predictive lead scoring thumbnail

Predictive Lead Scoring

Learn about one of the hottest trends in marketing automation and read how you can use predictive lead scoring.

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IT Decisions Makers

Learn about the behaviors and preferences of IT decision makers at enterprise companies and small businesses.

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Videos in Healthcare

Online videos play a critical role in selling to healthcare decision makers. Learn about the importance of videos.

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Webinar Engagement

Audiences interact with webinar content both during and after the live broadcast. Learn how audiences are behaving.

content is king infographic thumbnail

Content Marketing Trends

Learn how B2B marketers are creating and tracking campaigns and get our tips to keep your content king of marketing.

webinar benchmarks infographic thumbnail

Webinar Benchmarks

How does your webinar attendance stack up to the competition? Access this and more webinar statistics.

Mobile Search in Healthcare

Mobile Search in Health

Learn how healthcare buyers and decision makers are using mobile devices to research vendors and products.

Webinar Promotion Tips infographic thumbnail

Webinar Promotion Tips

Timing has a huge impact on webinar registration and attendance. Get our webinar planning and promotion tips.

infographic thumbnail

HIMSS15 by the Numbers

Our infographic breaks down last year’s HIMSS conference record-setting attendance numbers and more HIMSS facts!

infographic thumbnail

B2B Business Challenges

This infographics compares the top business challenges and marketing plans for B2B and B2C companies in 2015.

infographic thumbnail

Online Search in Health

Online search is a key part of the buying process in the healthcare industry. Learn more about the behaviors of healthcare buyers.

infographic thumbnail

Marketing Automation

Some lessons are best learned the hard way. Here are 12 things we wish we knew before diving into marketing automation.

infographic thumbnail

Healthcare Buyers

Learn what motivates healthcare decision makers, from improving clinical outcomes to lowering costs to buying cycles.

infographic thumbnail

Cost Per Qualified Lead

Learn more about the average cost per qualified business-to-business lead. How does your B2B lead generation compare?

infographic thumbnail

Content Marketing Success

How do B2B marketers track content marketing success? Find out the 10 most commonly used success metrics.

infographic thumbnail

Facebook Marketing Tips

What days and times are best to post to your company’s Facebook page? Our infographic reveals this and more tips.

infographic thumbnail

IT Buyers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is filled with IT buyers looking for solutions. Learn more about their LinkedIn habits and preferences.

infographic thumbnail

Blogs for Lead Generation

Blogs can do great things for companies. View our infographic to discover how a blog can help to grow your business.

infographic thumbnail

Lead Nurturing

Statistics show that businesses using marketing automation for lead nurturing experience greater results. Learn more.

infographic thumbnail

M&A Marketing

An integrated marketing strategy is key to the success of any merger or acquisition. Learn more about M&A success.

infographic thumbnail

Increasing Sales Cycle

The sales cycle length has steadily increased over the past 5 years, especially in the healthcare and technology sectors.

infographic thumbnail

B2B Content Marketing

Learn how B2B companies are investing in content marketing to drive leads. Do you have a content marketing strategy?

infographic thumbnail

Chief Marketing Officers

Learn about Chief Marketing Officers’ opinions on marketing automation and their biggest lead generation challenges.

infographic thumbnail

M&A Roadmap

Follow our 4 key steps to ensure a smooth transition in the boardroom, in the media, and with your customers.

infographic thumbnail

YouTube Traffic

YouTube traffic continues to climb. Are you using video marketing effectively for lead generation and nurturing?

infographic thumbnail

Marketing Budgets

Setting a marketing budget is a crucial decision for any business. Get our healthcare marketing agency’s best budgeting tips.

infographic thumbnail

Healthcare Blogging

Healthcare marketers use blogs less often than other industries. Are you utilizing a blog for lead generation?

infographic thumbnail

Local Search Marketing

Online searches with local intent are key business driver for many companies. Learn more about local online marketing.

infographic thumbnail

Social Media Marketing

Is your marketing message getting lost in the shuffle? There are an astounding number of social shares every day.