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12 Marketing Automation Lessons Learned the Hard Way
Clarity Quest began offering marketing automation to clients in 2011. From the outset, we did some things right and some things wrong. Here are 12 things we wish we knew before starting.
Lesson #1: Develop a Marketing Plan
Lesson #2: Have a Manual Marketing Process before Automating
Lesson #3: Develop Content First
Lesson #4: Marketing & Sales Must be on the Same Page
Lesson #5: Patience is More Than a Virtue
Lesson #6: Dedicate Resources Even if you Budget for Outsourcing
Lesson #7: Pick the Right System for Your Needs & Budget
Lesson #8: Your MA System is NOT Just for Email
Lesson #9: Start Simply and Ramp
Lesson #10: Have Realistic Expectations
Lesson #11: Don’t Forget to Communicate to Existing Customers
Lesson #12: Request Your Favorite Tech Support Person