2017 Health IT Trends

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2017 Health IT Trends

Current Industry Outlook:

  • 93% of CFOs believe Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are necessary for price transparency, supply chain efficiencies and true costing for value-based care
  • 83% of healthcare organizations are using cloud technology
  • Over 55% of CIOs are confident in their cloud application strategies
  • The market value for expertise in healthcare analytics, security, big data and cloud applications increased nearly 25% in 2016
  • 67% of CFOs are evaluating how to outsource complex Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

2017 Healthcare IT Predictions:

  • The Cloud will become the primary way to build enterprise architecture
  • CIOs will focus on solving data warehousing and storage issues
  • Expensive and hard-to-staff RCM functions will be outsourced
  • Precision medicine will make inroads, but requires more data to be effective
  • Patients will take greater control over health records, including image data
  • The healthcare cloud computing market will take great strides in its projected growth to $9.48B by 2020

Sources: Black Book Research, Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review